Family Yoga


Family Yoga

Family yoga is a brilliant way to spend quality time together with your loved ones. It's a unique way to strengthen your bond across all family members, all the while having fun and enjoying a healthy activity. Whether you choose to attend with your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., you will learn a lot about one another through musical yoga journeys and partner activities. With your children, you aid in helping them to bring awareness to one another and connect at a much deeper level. 


Importance of Play

Constantly trying to keep up with all the different responsibilities as adults, in addition to worrying and taking care of the needs of the children, adults don't get to play anymore. Family Yoga teaches parents how to play and have fun again! It allows them to enjoy their children as they bond and connect with them in a playful manner. The best part of family yoga is that the fun doesn't stop when the class ends, but continues when you leave, helping to creating a fun and interactive environment in the home too!


Benefits of Family Yoga

  • Strengthens bond as family members leave class feeling more 'open' and attentive to each other
  • Creates open dialog, as it improves communication between family members
  • Helps adults to connect with inner child
  • Improves behaviour in the children (and sometimes the adults)!
  • Enhancing strength, flexibility, balance, alignment, focus and concentration 
  • Builds stamina and confidence 
  • Great way for parents to exercise without having to worry about finding childcare 
  • Offers families the opportunity to come together in a non-competitive and healthy environment 
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Sets a great example for children to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Fun and playful activity for everyone


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