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Yoga for Everyone

Heal with Kare is a holistic sanctuary that creates a safe space where one can go to escape from the daily stressors of today's life.  We provide you with the guidance you need and help you to maximize your highest potential, regardless of age, ability, experience or background.  It is a safe space in which anyone and everyone can practice. 


Enhance Your Wellness

Heal with Kare offers a unique touch to holistic methods proven to help you achieve optimal health by balancing your emotional, mental physical well being.  Improve your endurance through various types of yoga offered by us.  After a run, or heavy workout, the variety of services offered will help your body relax while stretching, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles you were just working on. 


Calm Your Mind

Heal with Kare is a place that creates the ultimate zex experience where one can come to relax, release and recharge.  In addition to the physical benefits achieved when coming to class, you also get to practice mindfulness and mediation.  It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity.  Focusing on your breath during practice is key to staying in tune with your mind and body. 

Karen's Journey


Founder Karen Gill, who has been personally touched by holistic healing, brings you Heal with Kare.  Karen has a unique story, which brought her awareness to yoga and holistic healing that allowed her to bring a fresh perspective to health & wellness.  She graduated university with a specialized honours in Psychology degree as well as a certificate in Rehabilitation. From there she went onto coaching adults and children with special needs. She later went onto getting her certification in Natural Play Therapy, which was inspired by a very special boy with autism whom she had been working with for some time. It was his beautiful soul that opened her outlook on healing.

Karen understands the key to heightened consciousness is healing from within your mind, body and spirit. Profoundly touched by her special needs clients, she began designing and personalizing therapy programs with a fun and unique twist that catered to each individual's needs. It allowed her clientele to experience not only an altitude in spirit but also in strength, as well as resilience.


Yoga is an amazing tool to enrich not only your personal life but also gives you the stamina to tackle your day to day.  Through various forms of yoga, Karen and her clients have found a sense of harmonization, connectedness, and a flow of creativity, which could not have happened otherwise.  Karen has found that the many modes of yoga can bring changes that are both humbling and inspirational.

In addition, Karen is also a Reiki Practitioner, a Foot Reflexologist and currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Always striving to better and improve herself.  Karen started practicing different methods of healing when she injured her back in an accident. This brought her interest to holistic healing. Through this practice, she was able to heal her back within weeks. It's a story she shares with all her clients to open their focus & awareness to holistic healing. 

Karen's energy to all her practices is all about Harmonizing Energy And Love & brings this energy into her fun & upbeat atmosphere. She looks forward to your visit! 

Our Team



Kristy has always had a strong interest in movement as a means for strength, self expression, and healing. Her journey into teaching yoga began with Aerial which inspires and encourages a sense of playfulness and curostiy in her all of her classes. She believes Yoga is a path to self discovery and if we allow it, a reconnection to our inner child. Through most of her life, she worked with horses and developed a deep connection to animals and nature; from which she draws much of her inspiration. Kristy began practising Yoga more than a decade ago and has since completed 500 hours of  Yoga Teacher Training, Pre Natal, Post Natal, Restorative, and Aerial Yoga certifications. She is also a certified Thai Massage practitioner, and freelance artist.



What Alissa loves about yoga is the lessons we learn during the practice. For her, aerial yoga was first a practice of learning to face her fear of heights and her fear of trying new things. Now it has become a practice of freedom and release. As a teacher she is dedicated to create space for her students to find breath and to help find the connection between body, breath and your state of being.



Kate, a Toronto based Yoga Instructor, teaches a wide range of levels from restorative, yin, chair yoga, and vinyasa flow, all the way to power flow and aerial yoga! Coming from an Ashtanga background, she loves a good sweat in her practice and teaching - but a passion of hers is sharing the accessibility of yoga, and has enjoyed exploring the gentler side of the spectrum. In Kate's classes, everyday will be different, as she creates her classes around who is in the room. She makes sure beginners feel safe and confident, and regulars feel challenged and involved. Aside from Yoga, Kate loves biking, her dog Joni, her snakes Levi and Kenobi, punk rock concerts and anything related to cactuses and avocados!


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